Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Much Sewing

I had to look at my old post to remind me of where I left off ;) 

I needed some sleepwear so I sewed 3.  These were really easy and the patterns are from a Japanese book translated to Mandarin.  I don't know both.  That's the thing about these Japanese books, the illustrations are excellent.

The bodice had ruffles on the front of the original dress

Mine ... sans ruffles

Another similar to the above
In front is a sleeveless top also from the same book.  The other is my client's A-Line skirt in the making
Her selection of fabrics for the shell and lining.  Did not need to use the satin bias tape after all

Invisible zip construction.  Lots of pining, hand basting and then sewing

It is now finished and sent out to my client.  I added a little card with some info
Sewing for a client brings a whole different dimension to sewing.  You bloody well get it right! LOL!!  I sewed up a toile (fancy word for muslin) for her fitting.  There were some small adjustments here and there, the pattern was drafted again with these corrections.  The lining pattern was copied from the original with some changes.  Only then the proper cutting of the actual shell and lining fabrics are done.

I am recording all my sewing of garments with snippets of fabrics used and adjustments done on the main pattern.  And I slip these notes into the pattern envelope.  Gosh ... I don't know where all these organizational genius is coming from!

Drafting the pants pattern

Toile of my pants with the tailor tacks still intact
Next were my pants.  Talk about a challenge.  No wonder I had poor results with commercial patterns because they didn't cater to my shameful pot belly :(  I had to make quite a major adjustment to the slopper as you can see above.  The pants turned out really well except for it being a little loose.  Maybe if I added the zipper and the waistband it would help.  Okay it's a learning experience and once I get the slopper down I have a really good foundation of a pair of tapered pants!

All this little gem needs now is some binding love

Still quilting ...
 I can see the end now of the quilting for the Depression Blocks quilt!  I am on the last leg of the border.  Just 3 more sides ... just 3 more sides ...  Don't look too closely at my big stitch ... because they are MEGA!  I just can't wait to get this over and done with.

He's Coming to Town (freebie). Designer: Red Bolly
My second Red Brolly Christmas sampler is all stitched.  Love how it turned out.  I won't be doing the 3rd one as the design doesn't really appeal to me.  Now to think about the finishing.  Most likely as a wall hanging or a cushion cover.


  1. I can remember your early posts about learning to sew garments. And now you are sewing for clients. Well done!

  2. Anonymous8:54 pm

    That is a breathtaking body of work. 3 nighties is over-achieving as are assorted garments, plenty of quilting and a stitchery. Not to nag, but pls add binding then I can claim "FO" status!

  3. And of course you did it right!!!!
    Love the stitchery! Happy sewing, hugs, Daniëlle

  4. Oh my goodness! YOur posts are always so full of loveliness!!

  5. Your dressmaking skills are certainly growing Barbara! I remember doing pattern drafting at Tech College many years ago and I used to love customising commerical patterns to get a good fit, well done!! Pants are not easy....
    The little stitcherys as so cute, as always beautiful work!!!!!

  6. Such a good idea to sew pretty sleepwear.
    I wish I could be so organised too :)

  7. What a fun mix of projects you have going on. The garments are fantastic--love the night gowns!

  8. Such lovely garments!