Friday, June 03, 2011

Mary Glover - WIP

Still at it.  I've started the rice stitch beneath the band of satin stitch.  Still some ways to go with the border vines and animal motifs.

Izra's shirt in the making.  The previous shirt was fraught with mistakes that I could have easily avoided.  The sewing is done more carefully this time.  What did they say about practice?

Fabrics from Fabric Shack.  I like the sampler fabric by French General.  It's a panel from the La Petite Ecole collection by Moda.

I am thinking lately that I could really like country music.  I like the story each song tells.  I've been following Scotty McCreery on American Idol and really from his first audition, I knew he'd be hard to beat.  Love his voice and the regular nice boy that he is. Very nice song for his first single, 'I Love You This Big'.


  1. Anonymous11:10 am

    Nice Stash.

  2. You seem to be making progress on both fronts........

    Cross stitch looks near to the finish line.....

    Love the gingham top......

  3. Wow! What a lovely stack of fabrci!!!
    Your cross stitch is lovely. So much work and it looks like you are on the home stretch!

  4. Beautiful stitching progress on MG! And your new fabrics are drool-worthy!!!

  5. Your cross stitch is divine! (no! I haven't started mine yet!! ho-hum)!
    Garment making does take practice, and yes taking your time does help LOL, I wish you better luck with your latest shirt!!! Your stash looks interesting Barbara! what do you have in mind!!!?

  6. Very nice progress on Mary. What a wonderful stash of fabric you have there.

  7. If practice makes perfect you are moving very swiftly toward perfection. I am expecting a Fabic Shack delivery too!

  8. Yep, it makes perfect!! Love your stack hihihi, never enough hihi!
    Will go and listen to your country music idol! Happy cross stitching! hugs, Daniëlle

  9. Nice stash! Your MG looks great, too. I need to get back to mine but I get bored with the rice stitches.

    Country music is our fave! Check out Toby Keith--he is our all time favorite. There are a couple others that we really love, too, but Toby is our main man.

  10. I agree with Siobhan - Toby!! Mary Glover is VERY nice - as is your blog header stitchery.