Thursday, June 30, 2011

And the winner is ...

Pat from FL & MI. Thanks for playing everyone.

I've been reading about big stitch quilting and realise that I have actually been doing big stitch quilting all this while.  I suppose I was brazen to think I was doing tiny stitches instead! Ha! I don't think tiny stitches is going to ever happen soon around these parts :). 

Here's the depression block quilts that I'm really really hoping to complete.  Gosh I need to give it a good wash and get it on my bed!

I bought 2 of Kathleen Tracy's eBooks from Martingale & Company recently and have started the Friendship Star quilt from her book Prairie Children and their Quilts.  My basket runneth over ... oh ... how I wish ... :(


  1. It must feel good to be making some progress on this quilt for your bed! I think once it's washed the quilting will look wonderful anyway Barbara! don't fret too much!! I have completed a 4yr old UFO for my bed too, and will post about it next week! I now have you on google reader, had to add you specially LOL!!!, now I won't be late in checking out what your busy hands have been up to!!!!

  2. Have patience Barbara that little basket will fill up with time. If you put all your other projects in there you would need more baskets! You only have one pair of hands and 24 hours in the day and I think you do very well.
    Congratulations to Pat

  3. Hey, I am a pro at the big stitch too although I try to make mine small! LOL
    Ebokos must be perfect for you!! No waiting on shipping.:)

  4. Please slow down...... I just can't keep up with you....

    Seriously though. Thanks for the ideas you share and the inspiraton.

  5. love visiting your space and seeing what you're up to. always something sweet to see.
    my stitches aren't tiny either and i've decided that is just fine because they are MINE and that is good enough.
    i think your stitches are fine too~!


  6. Congrats to Pat.

    Your Depression quilt is gorgeous! I love the fabrics and colors and pattern, sigh!

  7. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Big stitches or not, that's much more than I have done. Ahem...

  8. Beautiful blocks! You know that Depression Quilt that you've been working on is one of my all time favorite pieces that you've done--it's just stunning. I was glad to see it in a post again! :)