Saturday, January 22, 2011

Midnight Stars Doll Quilt Along - Part 4

Lori blogged the instructions for Part 4 last night.  And this morning I was busy cutting up squares.  It goes along fairly quickly with chain piecing. Love the blocks and glad Lori encouraged me to give it a go since it's a 5" block which is small for me.

I clowned played around with a house block with some scraps.  Did not use the instructions of using a template for the roof.  I just winged it in my cockamamie way.  Ah well ... I'll just let it ferment a little ...

Prairie Schooler's  More Friends has been taking up my nights.  Absolutely adore this piece.  Feel quite motivated to get it done after seeing all those lovely cross stitch pieces from the girls!


  1. Barbara, your little star blocks are just beautiful!!! you have chosen your fabrics well! I have always been a fan of the school house block - very pretty!!! BTW love your X-stitch too!!

  2. Lovely projects. Love seeing the different versions of Lori's quilt. You are using my favourite red.

  3. Anonymous6:07 pm

    The proportions of the house block looks to be spot on.

  4. I love your stars!! How fun to have an extra challenge:)
    The house block looks perfect to me! How did you did that without a pattern. You are a wonder!!

  5. Thanks for the info on the mini quilt. Yes, I did have to add that to my list of Wanna Do's

    Yours is looking lovely.

  6. Good to see you x-stitching again :D

  7. Your quilt blocks are fantastic, Barbara! Love the stitching, too.