Thursday, January 27, 2011

Civil War Quilt Blocks 4/52 - Texas Tears

This was a tough block for me.  I did not piece the triangles correctly resulting in a wonky block.  I was aligning them until I read the Texas Tears block tutorial by Lilian.  I should have left a 1/4" tip on both ends.

More fooling around with house blocks.  This time I tried foundation paper piecing.  I couldn't get my head around how things worked on the reverse.  If truth be told, there was supposed to be two chimneys up there on the roof ... I calculated the height of the roof wrongly :( I think I'm losing grey matter rapidly.  But it's a good size now at 6 1/2" square.

Midnight Stars Doll Quilt Along blocks are all done and awaiting the next part.  Love it when things are on schedule.

Two tops in the works.  I did not like how the collar turned out for the shirt by Angela Kane, but I think I'll just complete it as a muslin and learning process especially for the sleeve placket  and cuffs.  Also to get a feel of sizing.  The blue one is another Patricia Tunic by Sis Boom.  I've had the fabric for yonks.


  1. It crossed my mind today that I had not seen you post for a while. Now I know why you have been busy sewing. I really like the blue in the CW block and thanks for the tip, I haven't done mine yet. The house doesn't need a chimney, it doesn't have a real fire! More garments for Chez BJ.

  2. Beautiful progress on all your quilty projects! Nice work on the garment, too.

  3. You've been busy!! I love your newest block and the fabric is gorgeous!
    Nicwe job on the house even if it only has one chimney!!

  4. Your wardrobe is growing by leaps and bounds.......

    I had to print out the Midnight Stars pattern even if I can't get to it right away.

    Thank you for sharing........

  5. Well done Barbara, your Texas Tears block looks great, nice to see it finished! Love your midnight stars blocks too, this quilt will be a stunner!