Monday, December 27, 2010

Amish Star Quilt - WIP

  All 42 blocks are finally completed and their arranged on the floor as above.  This will be a square quilt with a 6 x 6 blocks layout.  And the balance blocks will be for a pieced backing.  A narrow and a wide border will be added in time.  A block is 11 1/2" square unfinished.

  Christmas gifts from Margaret W that arrived in the nick of time.  Love the tatted motif with silver beads and the labels by V&A.

  A pair of shorts for my dad using the Burda pattern Andre.  I lengthen it according to a sample.  Also I've added in-seam pockets.  The fabric is black cotton drill and if it fits well I'll make another in grey.


  1. looking at your blocks make me one to make one myself.

    but now, am busy making new hand dye threads in solid and tatting it up to see how it goes - and loving the tatting lace-ness.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the colors in your Amish quilt! It's beautiful!

  3. The Amish star quilt is fantastic!! You must be excited to get to that stage!!

  4. What book is the Amish Star Quilt in? That is so lovely that I want to try one too..........
    Aren't all quilters like that?

    Shorts turned out well too. You really are amazing.......

  5. The Amish stars look great. How nice of you to make shorts for your father!
    Happy New Year!