Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sewing & Hand Quilting

I was sewing the hem of my first pair of shorts and it didn't meet up too well, creating a small fold.
I figured this is because I sewed the side seams and inseams prior to the hem.  Now I am adopting the following i.e. sew the side seams, hem and then sew the inseams.  Less grief this way.  Also I've reduced the hem to like 5/8".
For 2 pairs of the shorts, I've used french seams and the other two pairs will be taken to the shop this evening to be serged.  I was hesitant initially to use french seams, since they don't normally quite work with curves for the crotch seams, since it was only a slight curve I thought I'd give it a try.  Quite like it actually, not to  mention saving me a trip to the shop!  What's left are the elastic waist band and I'll be done :)

Hand Quilting

I've been toying with using flannel as a filler for my place mat and after much discussion on SQT, it may not be the best filler depending on your expectations as hand quilted stitches may not look good.  So as they say 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'.  I've been quilting simple outlines of the hearts ... so far it looks not too shabby, we'll see how it behaves after a wash.


  1. I like the look of the perle cotton stitches and hope you are pleased with the results of the flannel.

  2. i've followed a link from the small quilt group over to your blog. i enjoy seeing what others are doing with small and doll quilts and do a few myself but am as slow as a turtle to complete projects so opt out of being active within the group.

    love the fabric that you've used for the shorts and that little hearts quilt is very charming indeed~!!~ i think your choice of perle cotton thread was a perfect one and can't wait to see this one in it's finished form.


    p.s. might i add you to the sidebar (partners in inspiration) on my own blog? i find it easier to keep up with other blogs from there than from the followers area.

  3. Libby,

    I emailed you yesterday but Yahoo! must be having some issues.

    Sure go ahead and add my blog link to your side bar.

    I took the liberty to nose around your blog and you have a beautiful garden also great photography at that. I must mention my love for your Strawberry Fields Forever QAL top. It's super! How do you plan to quilt it?

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  5. Flannel in place if the normal batting? How is it working out? I was thinking of trying a quilt with flannel instead of the batting.

    Oh I hate that about the 'little folds'. Sometimes happen on the bands of the half aprons I sew. I thought I wasn't cutting it straight that's why it's gathering at the end.

  6. Not too good Paul unfortunately. My main reason for trying out flannel was the $$ factor. Maybe because I was hand quilting it, it was a bit of a pain (in the fingers). If you machine quilted it then you should be okay.

    But you have to consider that flannel has no loft and it does not have the puffy look that you might be seeking.

    But definitely this baby has got a lot of drape.

  7. Oh you know I saw this real thick material that felt kinda like flannel. I saw it at Kamdar. It's really thick. Was wondering when I was looking at it if it could replace batting. I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about LOL

  8. Paul,

    Nope. I've not come across that fabric before. But thick and no drape is a no no for hand quilting or maybe even machine quilting for that matter.

    I'm beginning to settle down to low loft cotton batting for hand quilting especially.