Saturday, July 24, 2010

Placemat - Completed

It's washed and ironed and it's gonna be a lovely placemat, if I say so myself.  The quilting stitches turned out to be fine. The hand quilting wasn't very enjoyable as it would be with cotton batting.  However, I think machine quilting with a flannel filler would be quite ideal if you're aiming for a very flat quilt.
Flannel for filler, muslin, calico and homespun.  Hand quilted with perle cotton no. 8.  Size: 15" x 11-1/2"
I think I should gather some courage and machine quilt this Gobble Gobble table topper in a meandering pattern next.  I just need to sit down to quilt and bind this baby.


  1. Oh, the heart placemat turned out great! I love the look the flannel gives it.

  2. Katell5:15 pm

    The heart quilting stands out very well, you can be proud of the result.
    Good luck for the other big quilting !

    Katell, France

  3. The placemat looks great. I think the flannel is just right used this way. Bonnie