Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tote Bag & Fob

I received a lovely belated birthday gift from Nik 2 days ago. The tote bag is really very professionally made, it even had a kind of embroidered product label in the inner pocket :) It's lined, quite sturdy and an overall perfect fit. Nik says I should use it for my stashing trips ;)

And of course there's the hand made card. Pretty and down right creative! Thanks so much Nik.

On the same day, I received the threads that Lillie bought for me from Malacca. But she did not stop at that, she made me a cute lil' (pun intended) fob too. Must be really tedious sewing up this little fellow. Many thanks Lillie.

Thanks to Lillie I am good to continue with The Spanish Sampler by Periphaeria Designs

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