Saturday, July 28, 2007

A gift for Lillie

I finished this little flanged pillow with the help of Katrina's tutorial on Focus on Finishing. Without which l doubt I would have the confidence AND the know-how to do so. A simple yet classy method of finishing.

I tatted a heart as the last motif of my 25-Motif Challenge. YES I did it!! It was to be sure an excercise in perserverance. You can view all my motifs since I started the challenge in August 2006 here.

When I saw the heart design, I immediately thought of Lillie who has been rather down lately. Since she has been so kind to be giving me so many little little gifts when we meet for tea and me of course being a big doh-doh came empty handed :p I figured that a tatted heart would be nice appliqued to a little flanged cushion. I am glad you liked it Lillie!

Design my LaRae Mikulecky
Tatted with Anchor Size 60

Now on to Long Dog's 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL at NNC. I've completed Band 4 & 5 and started a wee bit on Band 6. I absolutely love the colours and this would most likely be the most colourful sampler I'll ever stitch! It's such a joy!

Also a mini SAL with Jess on the freebie Sajou Be Glad. We're going to stitch one panel every month. And what a wonderful piece it is and quite stress free too :) While Jess will be framing hers (she's stitching all 5 parts), mine will stop at Part 4 and finished into a stitcher's wallet.

Comment Notes: Thank you for your kind, encouraging comments and thank you for your time. I so do appreciate them all.


  1. You have made Lillie mighty pleased with the tatted pillow. Thank you for being Santarina to us at NNC.

  2. Very pretty pillow. Oh, that Long Dog Sampler is just stunning. I've seen that on several other blogs but you are the farthest along than anyone else, it sure is pretty ;)

  3. Barbara, that tatted heart on the pillow is just beautiful!! Can't wait to see your stitcher's wallet, either!

  4. Your gift/pillow for Lillie is just lovely.
    The sampler is coming along great.

  5. Jess.2:30 pm

    Loving the brights of the LDSAL.

    Go the Sajou.

  6. Very pretty finish! Congrats!! All pieces are so beautiful.

  7. I was admiring the pillow in the finishing blog - very nice!!!! And your Mystery Sampler is gorgeous! I hope to get more in on mine sometime soon - the colors are so beautiful, aren't they?

  8. Thank you so much BJ, not only like it but LOVED it! LDS is looking great and I've one UFP on that 'Be Glad' design which is not getting anywhere from the 1st chart at the moment.'sigh'

  9. Oh!!I love this mini SAL(Sajou Be Glad),too!!Your choose color is so cute!