Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bagsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race)

Anwar Ibrahim said: ‘Anak Melayu, anak kita, anak Cina anak kita, anak India, pun anak kita. Mengapa harus kita bezakan?”

Translated to English he says, "A Malay child is our child, a Chinese child is our child, an Indian child is also our child. Why is there a need for us to differentiate?"

What a beautiful world this would be ... transcending global divides ... be still my beating heart ...

I wait eagerly for the day to come where we Malaysians become one race, all united with a common vision. And I can see and feel that it will happen very soon. I believe that Malaysia is on the cusp of true democracy under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim. If you have not read this piece of precious writing by Haris Ibrahim, I implore that you do. It's an open letter to Anwar. If you are a Malaysian I assure you, you'll be moved.

For those who have not registered with the Online Petition to the king with regards to the appointment of the new Chief Justice in mid October please read the cause and join in the petition if you feel strongly against the appointment and wish to see an independent judiciary.

Towards Ketuanan Rakyat (People's Supremacy)!!

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